The Open Review team is made up of ESRC-funded students who are undertaking PhDs at SWDTP universities. This is the core team that manages the day-to-day operations and editorial work of The Open Review. Further PhD students and academics will also be involved in the peer review process.

Mollie Gascoigne

I am currently a first year PhD student at Exeter Law School. My PhD research – the Gender Recognition & Reform project – is an empirical, mixed methods study into the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and possible options for reform. My research looks closely into the perceptions and experiences of non-binary and genderqueer people with a view to suggesting reform options which are inclusive. More broadly, my research interests are interdisciplinary and span various topics across law, politics, philosophy and sociology.

Abbie Ball

I am a third year Psychology PhD student at the University of Plymouth. My research area is looking at memory and learning strategies when faced with novel information, especially when people stop learning to maximise their performance. My interests outside of this are looking at metacognitive processes and maladaptive study strategies students often use when learning. 

Sylvia Hayes

I am currently finishing my MRes year at the University of Exeter. I am interested in the way climate change is communicated and discussed in an increasingly online media landscape. My research will investigate the impact of institutional norms and pressures on media representations of climate change. I am particularly interested in the way that new digital technologies and platforms are having an effect on climate change in the media.

Emily Clifford

I am a first year Security, Conflict, and Human Rights PhD student at the University of Exeter. My research explores the interplay between sex trafficking and militarisation in the Sahelian conflict, using feminist political-economic analyses to examine how women’s trafficking experiences provide new knowledge on how militarisation is embodied, negotiated, and resisted from the ground up. In addition and connected to this project, my research interests include feminist decolonial politics, feminist critical military studies, sexual and reproductive rights in conflict, and creative methodologies.

Sarah Hendry

I am a third year PhD student in Psychology at the University of Plymouth. My PhD project is investigating the proposed mechanisms of the testing effect, which has applications for education in understanding how we best learn new information through testing. Outside of my PhD project my research interests lie in retraining maladaptive cognitive mechanisms and emotional processing.

Eleanor Wolff

I am a first year Politics PhD student at the University of Bristol. My research focuses on the role of the international legal framework in the global climate change framework, specifically whether there is a case to be made for establishing an International Court for Climate Change on the basis of climate justice. My research can be summarised as applied political theory.

Nicole Russell Pascual

I am completing a masters in Social and Organisational Psychology at the University of Exeter as part of the 1+3 award. My PhD research will investigate the way gendered diversity approaches affect women’s chances of success within STEM organisations.

Will King

I have just finished my MAbyRes in Politics at the University of Exeter. My research was on political mobilisation and engagement of young voters from 2010 to 2017 in the UK, particularly on social media and non-traditional mobilisation platforms. I’m interested in anything along these lines, as well as voter preferences and turnout in the UK and democracies worldwide. Social media mobilisation and youth engagement are also key areas of interest for me as well.

Benji Woolf

I am doing a PhD in genetic epidemiology in the Department and Psychological Science and the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit, at the University of Bristol. My PhD is focusing on developing causal inference methods for observational data, focusing on Mendelian Randomisation and Genome Wide Association Studies.  I previously studied Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford, and Epidemiology at LSHTM.