The Open Review team is made up of students who are undertaking PhDs at SWDTP universities. This is the core team that manages the day-to-day operations and editorial work of The Open Review. Further PhD students and academics will also be involved in the peer-review process.

Amina Al Hashami

I am a fourth-year TESOL PhD student at the University of Exeter. My research project is investigating the complexity and controversy of code-switching practices inside the classroom at higher education institutes. More broadly, my research interests include plurilingualism, bilingualism, multilingualism, and translanguaging in learning and teaching.

Anna Seecharan

I am currently completing an MRes Social Research as part of the 1+3 PhD Sociology Pathway at the University of Exeter. I research embodied food practices and ask the questions: what is food knowledge? Where does it reside? My research investigates the role of sensory perceptions (smell/taste in particular) in locating experiences of food and eating within the body, whilst thinking beyond the body to explore how sensory memories are implicated in the construction of selfhood and identity. Through working with migrants, I aim to better understand how flavour memories – and our personal connections to them – may enable food to provide a feeling of continuity of bodily experience through spatial and temporal ruptures. 

Aqila Meziane

I am a PhD student at the University of Exeter. I am trying to investigate the relationship between writing and approaches to teaching literature in the EFL context. Completing an MSc in Education at the University of Exeter, I have had the chance to explore different paradigms of research, henceforth my research was grounded towards a qualitative, interpretive paradigm. 

Llucia Mascorda Cabre

I am a third-year PhD student at the University of Plymouth. I have worked as a marine conservation scientist in the past and I am now studying the impact of mussel farms (aquaculture) in the ocean. My research focuses mainly on marine ecology and oceanography. My project aims to assess the overall footprint of an offshore longline mussel farm in its surrounding environment. My academic and professional experience has always involved a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to marine conservation and resource management. My interests lie in studying and understanding the links between biodiversity and its function within the ecosystem and how this is a link to human activities and society. Outside of this, I love to spend time doing all sorts of water sports and eating lovely food!

Yunyan Li

I am a PhD student in Social Policy at the University of Bristol. My doctoral research investigates the recalibration of the institutional arrangements of the economic reform and the welfare system in contemporary China under the interaction between modernization processes and transforming Confucianism. My research aims to inform policy-makers of more family policies to support the family in achieving work-life balance and supporting women’s welfare.